About Us

Plus5free.com is owned and operated by Essential Services of Florida. Committed to the distribution of digital products, at the lowest possible price, our goal is to make our customers the best deal we can, and then give them a little more. The "plus 5 free" in our name means that you will always get more than you paid for, with 5 free bonus selections on each and every purchase. Our digital products are among the hottest digital titles available, and include; software, eBooks, templates, music, games, ringtones, videos, movies, photos, graphics, fonts, and various other digital service subscriptions.

There is no "hard sell" at plus5free.com. We tell no fables to make a sale. We give you information provided to us by the publishers, and let you decide. If you decide to buy, we're going to give you the best price and something extra to show our appreciation.

Essential Services was founded in 1993 and started in the Web Hosting industry. We pride ourselves in our customer support and customer satisfaction. Over the years, we have served over a million happy customers. We make our customers happy, one customer at a time. We employ the latest Internet Technologies available for timely and dependable service from the start of a transaction to the delivery of products as promised. We would like to make you a happy customer! We appreciate your support and welcome the chance to serve you.